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Canadian Eggshell Dyes

Canadian Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Real hand-written Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) love vivid colours!

Ukrainian EggCessories added seven new colours increasing our eggshell dyes from 13 to 20 colours. These are seven new ways to add a lot more colour combinations to your pysanka designs.

Then... we came up with this super fun idea on renaming all the dyes to a Canadian theme of colours. Why'd we do that?

Well, because we are Canadian. And these are the only dyes that are mixed and packaged in Canada and we're pretty proud of that.

Plus Canadians are known to be light hearted and fun... so why not let our dyes be the same. 

We want you to have just as much fun with the eggshell dyes, trusting that the dyes have been tested and re-mixed to give you the best coverage and brightness. Our dyes are very comparable with all the other pysanka dye companies so jump in, grab some dyes and have  fun!! 

These are all sold as individual dye packages.  

Use with common white vinegar as per instructions on all colors except Cream Soda Pink and the Cleansing Orange rinse.  

  • #01 Canola Yellow Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    This nice bright "Canola Yellow" pysanka dye covers well and does not have an oily feel. Canola Yellow is often the first dye colour used on a pysanka.  

    Yellow represents: sun, stars, moon, harvest, warmth, youth, & happiness.

    Found in the beautiful fields of the prairies, the canola flowers shine a magnificent yellow. With our Canola Yellow eggshell pysanka dye you will be able to capture the same magnificence on the surface of your pysanka.

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  • #02 Tofino Sunset Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Tofino Sunset (orange) dye covers the egg well and is a wonderful dye to follow Canola Yellow... however please note that our orange dye needs vinegar.  Because it uses vinegar, it is not recommended to use as a wash back dye.

    The colour orange represents: endurance, strength, ambition.

    Tofino, on the western coast of Vancouver Island, is the last part of Canada to see the sun shine everyday. Our Tofino Sunset dye brings the spirit of Tofino's magical beaches into your pysanka and allows you to capture the unwinding beauty of the setting sun across the Pacific Ocean.

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  • #03 Glowing Hearts Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Glowing Hearts is the new name for our Bright Red Pysanka Dye. It truly is a bright brilliant red that is a traditional colour for a Pysanka. Glowing Hearts can stand on it's own or follow Canola Yellow & Tofino Sunset as the third dipped dye. 

    Glowing Hearts tip:  this dye is a very powerful and strong red. It adheres to the eggshell fiercely. You may need to wash it back with ivory soap then dip in vinegar before putting into another darker dye. Even a quick "etch" in 10% vinegar or safe etch, will take the red off and get the shell ready to be dyed again.

    Red represents happiness, hope, passion & the sun.

    Heard during the Canadian national anthem, our "glowing hearts" are representative of our passion for our country and our strong Canadian spirit. The emotion and spirit of our national anthem has been embodied in our Glowing Hearts eggshell pysanka dye.

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  • #04 Orca Black Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Orca Black is often the last and final colour used on a Pysanka designed eggshell. It allows all the other colours to "pop" and bring brilliance to your pysanka but is also beautiful as a one colour pysanka. Have fun using Orca Black.

    Orca Black Tip: Canada's environmental laws don't allow Acid Black 1 powder dye (used in most USA pysanka dyes) to be used in our Canadian dye because it makes it's way into our streams and waterways. Because of this, our Orca Black has a mixture of different black dyes that are easier on the environment.

    This means that Orca Black needs a little help to cover strong and powerful.  It either needs patience with a 20-25 minute dip, or... my preferred technique, which is to wash back all previous colours and then dip in 10% vinegar or do a quick etch with ZEP toilet bowl cleaner or Safe Etch before going into Orca Black. This will take less than a 5 minute dip with a solid glorious coverage. 

    Black Represents: darkest time before dawn, eternity, respect for the dead and fear or ignorance.

    The Orca is one of the most menacing sea creatures in the Arctic Ocean and northern Pacific Ocean, and their apex predator status earns them the title of Killer Whale. Interestingly enough, Orcas are actually a type of dolphin, rather than whales, and it is actually the largest species of dolphin. To celebrate the orcas, we named our black after the most elegant and fearsome creature of the arctic.

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  • #05 Okanagan Wine Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Okanagan Wine is a stunning dark, rich red that works very well on a Pysanka egg design. Okanagan Wine works nicely as a darker red on your pysanka.  Borealis Green or Sweetgrass would be a nice complementary colour on any pysanka design. 

    Being in the Red family, Okanagan Wine represents life, love, passion and hope.

    The Okanagan Valley, located in the interior of British Columbia, is known for the wonderful wine they produce. The deep and powerful colour of their red wines has been encompassed in our Okanagan Wine pysanky dye. The bunches of wine grapes trailing on our dye envelopes will trick you into wanting to drink what's in this package but remember... it's not edible Okanagan Wine. ;) 

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  • #06 Niagara Blue Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Niagara Blue Eggshell Dye is our original Blue dye that has proven to be a strong blue for all your pysanky creations.  Because this pysanka dye colour has lasted the test of time, we gave it the new Canadian name of Niagara Blue.

    The colour blue represents the air and sky as well as good health. 

    The mighty Niagara Falls are one of Canada’s greatest natural achievements, artistically dividing Canada from the United States. Our Niagara Blue dye is our original blue dye from a dye recipe over 35 years old.  We think it contains the essence of this breathtaking beauty, taken directly from the relentlessly forceful falls themselves.

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  • #07 Cream Soda Pink Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Please note that when mixing, Cream Soda Pink DOES NOT use white vinegar.

    Cream Soda Pink is vibrant and powerful which is a surprise because it doesn't take vinegar to make it adhere to an eggshell. It goes against the grain of Pysanky artists to trust that the dye will work without vinegar but it does... and the colour is beyond beautiful. It's definitely worth a try.  

    Pink is a colour that represents youthful innocence, success, romance, calm and contentment.

    When Canadians think back to their childhoods, chances are there is a memory of soda in there somewhere. When it comes to Cream Soda, pink colouring and labelling is a uniquely Canadian concept, (it's clear everywhere else) and what better represents our youth and Canadian culture than the fun of pink Cream Soda.

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  • #08 Laurentian Green Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Laurentian Green is very similar to a Christmas Green.

    Laurentian Green Tip: This dye is best to paint on with a brush or a Qtip... it can be dipped if used as a last colour or if it's dipped to cover large areas, a wash back to white with ivory soap and then a quick dip in 10% vinegar will allow another colour to cover.

    Green usually plays a small part in a pysanka's overall colour scheme but represents many things like spring, hope, freshness and renewal. It's also about health and recovery.

    The Laurentian Forest is a beautiful landscape full of life and colour that connects the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River together. Our Laurentian Green dye captures the elegant liveliness found throughout this magnificent city of trees.

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  • #09 Crown Purple Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Crown Purple eggshell dye is a strong stunning dye colour that is best used as a last colour dip for your pysanka design. Glacier Turquoise, Borealis Green or Sweetgrass as well as Yukon Gold or Tofino Sunset would all look wonderful beside Crown Purple. 

    Crown Purple Tip: This dye is strong and beautiful and best to paint on with a brush or a Qtip... it can be dipped if used as a last colour or if it's dipped to cover large areas, a wash back to white with ivory soap and then a quick dip in 10% vinegar will allow another colour to cover.

    Crown Purple represents royalty, luxury, & ambition but also peace, devotion, trust and faith.

    Throughout the history of Canada, and even beforehand, Britain has been a major part of our country’s heritage. In honour of one of the two countries that helped create the Canada we know and love, our Crown Purple dye concentrates the elegance and majesty of the monarchy into one powerful hue.

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  • #10 Glacier Turquoise Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Glacier Turquoise is a fabulous eggshell dye colour worth using. This is one of my favourite dye colours and I often use this as a one colour pysanka but the coolness of this colour would also look great with Canola Yellow, Okanagan Wine and Viking Violet to name just a few. 

    Glacier Turquoise represents calm, refreshness, communication, clarity, balance and loyalty.

    The great white north is known for its stark tundras and immense glaciers. The water that melts from these glaciers is cold, crisp and breathtakingly beautiful. The Glacier Turquoise Eggshell Pysanka dye embodies the majesty of the north’s majestic ice mountains.

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  • #11 Magenta Fireweed Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    This strong vibrant dark pink works wonderful in a border or for flower designs on your pysanky. Magenta is the complementary color of green. These two colors have the highest contrast and the greatest harmony, which means they would work well on a pysanka design if you are looking for contrast.

    The colour Magenta Fireweed represents harmony and balance along with universal love, compassion, kindness & contentment.

    Fireweed, the provincial flower of Yukon, is named because of its ability to quickly regrow after a fire. It’s stunning colours perfectly capture the beauty of our Magenta Fireweed Eggshell Pysanky Dye. One fun fact about the colour Magenta, is that it was the first synthetic aniline dye made in 1856 and patented in 1859. Magenta began the aniline dye revolution with many dye colours stemming from this one colour. Today you'll also know that Magenta is one of the three colours used in ink printing.  

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  • #12 Beaver Brown Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Beaver Brown is a neutral natural colour that is a must for trypillian designed pysanky. On a white or brown egg, Beaver Brown and Orca Black are wonderful combinations that's perfect for a trypillian pysanka. However, Beaver Brown doesn't get the attention it deserves. This is a colour that works for trypillian pysanky but is also a perfect complement to any of our pysanka dye colours. Try it, you'll love the look!

    Beaver Brown represents earth, harvest, wholesomeness, reliability, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, and honesty. 

    Featured on the standard nickel of Canada, the beaver is an important Canadian symbol, as well as a part of our history. One of the reasons Canada exists today is because the beaver was hunted for the fur trade, causing North American settlement as a whole. Beavers are also known as the builders of nature, making them representative of Canada as a peacemaking and peacekeeping nation.

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  • #13 Yukon Gold Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Yukon Gold is a great first colour for your pysanka. It's a richer yellow than Canola Yellow and brings a true depth to your pysanky designs. Though it isn't a true gold, it looks like it has specks of gold in the dye bath. This dye tends to need a new mix every year but at $1.50 a package it's worth it's weight in gold. ;)

    The colour of Yukon Gold represents illumination, wisdom and spirituality as well as success, achievement, courage, and passion.

    In days of old, the Canadian world went wild for an incredible discovery in the Yukon. When a gold nugget was found in the Klondike River in 1896, prospectors from across the nation travelled to the Yukon in search of fortune. We have commemorated one of the greatest economically-charged migration in Canadian history by making the colour sought out by the brave and bold available to all.

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  • #14 Huron Blue Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Huron Blue is a new darker blue eggshell dye just introduced to Ukrainian EggCessories.  It can give you variations of blue depending on the length of your dye dip. Give it a quick dip for a lighter blue or leave it in for a deep rich last colour.

    Huron Blue Tip: This blue will eventually loose some of it's dark colour. Some pysanka enthusiasts will plan ahead to dye all their eggs at the same time with a fresh batch of Huron Blue Dye.  

    The colour Huron Blue is a dark blue that represents the sky and sea as well as depth & stability. It often symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, and truth.

    Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes that border Canada and the United States, is known for having the largest shoreline of all the Lakes. It's named after the Huron indigenous people, also known as the Huron-Wendat nation. The Huron Blue dye expertly captures the depth, intelligence and survival of the Wendat nation. A nation of many tribes who lived on these lands hundreds of years before Europeans found the deep blue clear waters of the Great Lakes. Huron Blue also gives honour to the Huron-Wendat women who loved working with colourful beads as well as used pigments from the local plants to decorate their clothing. 

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  • #15 Kalyna Red Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Introducing Eggshell Pysanka Dye #15 Kalyna Red. This is a brand new true red pysanka dye.  It's glorious and fun to use.  It covers fast and strong with a very rich red colour. Play around and have fun. Kalyna Red is a perfect colour to follow Canola Yellow and Tofino Sunset in a traditional pysanka design.

    Kalyna Red Tip: Sometimes covers too strong and will not let another colour cover it. If this is the case, wash back with ivory dish soap (or other dish soap), dip back in a vinegar bath to prepare the eggshell to take another dye and then dye again. 

    Kalyna Red represents happiness, hope, joy & fun. Of course being a true rich red, it also symbolizes love and passion and now in the Christian era it often represents the blood of Christ and his passion. This is why most Easter Baskets have at least one red pysanka in the basket to be blessed. 

    Symbolic of beauty and family, among other things, Kalyna is an ethnic and national symbol of Ukraine. The Kalyna berries are known for their gloriously red hue. Our Kalyna Red dye replicates the bold vibrance of this pure red colour.

    Kalyna is very special to all Ukrainians and why here in Canada and in other places around the globe, you find dance groups, Ukrainian stores and groups called Kalyna! Ukrainians carried their heritage here to Canada and so today, we honour all who brought their culture and especially this art form of Pysanky to share with us and the rest of the world!! Enjoy using Kalyna Red Eggshell dye to create beautiful pysanky.


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  • #16 Sweetgrass Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Sweetgrass Eggshell dye is our name given to Prochem Chartreuse. So many customers loved the colour and asked me to bring it in... so I did. :)

    The colour chartreuse is halfway between yellow and green and is a perky colour but its warmth is toned down by the bits of green. This is a fun colour to use with borders & leaves and goes amazingly well with Crown Purple, Monarch Orange, Okanagan Wine, some of our richer dye colours and yet can stand alone with Orca Black in a stunning two colour pysanka.  

    The colour Chartreuse reassuring and refreshing and represents new life, growth, health and restful healing.  

    One of the four sacred herbs of the First Nations peoples, sweetgrass is known to have a sweet vanilla scent. The Sweetgrass dye takes the beauty of sweetgrass and transfers its pleasantry into vibrant colour.

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  • #17 Sacred Amaranth Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Sacred Amaranth is a strong "dusty wine rose" colour pysanka dye that will give you different variations of the colour depending on what colour you have underneath. This is a food based dye, not an aniline dye however it is still powerfully beautiful in its own right with great light fastness. Use Sacred Amaranth along with Borealis Green, Canola Yellow and Orca Black for a stunning colour combination.

    The colour Sacred Amaranth represents being majestic, insightful, determined and immortal. It also means having a long standing desire along and unfading eternal beauty.

    The sacred seed of the Aztecs, also grows throughout Canada and the USA! The Amaranth seed is known for its healthy properties as an ancient grain, and its gorgeous earthy red colour of the flowers has been used as a natural dye. Keep an eye out for Amaranth grains in your local health food store as they're gaining a reputation for being a whole food. Google the Amaranth Seed for its nutritional value. This grain has been around for as long as the art of pysanka and our Sacred Amaranth dye gathered from the stunning Amaranth flower focuses its brilliance into the dusty red hue we give to you.

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  • #18 Borealis Green Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    Borealis Green is a bright Lime Green pysanka eggshell dye that would work well as a colour used in the beginning of your dye process.  It's a wonderful colour to use as a true Easter colour and goes very well with Canola Yellow, Tofino Sunset, Cream Soda Pink, Sacred Amaranth and Glowing Hearts. 

    Borealis Green is very similar to our Sweetgrass but has more of a brighter yellow hue to it where Sweetgrass has more of a warmth to it. However, since both of these colours are so similar, eventually one will be dropped from our line. 

    Borealis Green represents new growth, freshness, love of life and healthy perception.

    The aurora borealis is a uniquely arctic experience, beautifully waving across the northern sky. The Borealis Green dye captures the wonderful hue of Canada’s very own northern lights.

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  • #19 Monarch Orange Eggshell Pysanka Dye
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    This new “Monarch Orange” was a request of a customer to make a darker orange dye. Use this eggshell dye for any Halloween jack-o-lantern pysanky, butterfly designs as well as providing a beautiful orange to any pysanka design you make.

    Monarch Orange represents: endurance, strength, ambition, change, hope and life.

    The Monarch Butterfly is known for its migration from Mexico to the southern areas of Canada... so when we see one in Canada, we celebrate with joy and tell everyone we know! In Canada, their natural habitat includes southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The Monarch butterfly like most butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. This strength of hope and life come through with our Monarch Orange eggshell pysanka dye.

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  • #20 Viking Violet Eggshell Dye
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    This new “Viking Violet” is beyond powerful! It dyes in seconds without a film and has a bit of a metallic look to it. It's an amazing last dye and goes very well with Canola Yellow, Monarch Orange, Borealis Green and would make a stunning "one colour" pysanka. 

    Viking Violet Tip: It would seem that a pysanka dyed with Viking Violet could manage with a matt varnish as sometimes the sheen will go away after varnishing. 

    Viking Violet represents awareness, reflection, faith, trust and fasting while encouraging creativity, spirituality and reflection.

    1000 years ago, Canada had Vikings. They sailed from Greenland and settled at the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. When we think of Vikings we think of rugged, ruthless and strong. I love that the women were resourceful and used natural dyes to give colour to their clothes. I wonder if they ever used natural dyes to colour eggs? Viking Violet may not be a natural dye but it's bold & powerful and represents the Viking spirit to a tee. Vikings used shields in battle as well, which you'll now find on our Viking Violet dye packages.

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  • 13-Colour Egg Dye Kit
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    This 13-Colour Egg Dye Kit of "Ukrainian EggCessories" Pysanky Dyes will dye dozens of eggs.  With proper care, can last for years.  

    Enjoy Canola Yellow, Tofino Sunset (orange), Glowing Hearts (bright red), Orca Black, Okanagan Wine, Niagara Blue, Cream Soda Pink, Laurentian Green, Crown Purple, Glacier Turquoise, Magenta Fireweed, Beaver Brown and Yukon Gold.  

    Not edible. 



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  • 20 - Colour Eggshell Dye Kit
    Quick shop
    On sale

    Ukrainian EggCessories now carries 20 brilliant eggshell dyes to wow all your pysanky designs. With 20 colours to choose from the colour combinations will be endless.

    Grab your set today... 

    Cream Soda Pink, Magenta Fireweed, Sacred Amaranth, Okanagan Wine, Kalyna Red, Glowing Hearts, Monarch Orange, Tofino Sunset, Yukon Gold, Canola Yellow, Borealis Green, Sweetgrass, Laurentian Green, Glacier Turquoise, Niagara Blue, Huron Blue, Crown Purple, Viking Violet, Beaver Brown and Orca Black!! 

    (Does not include Cleansing Orange)

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  • 6-Colour Egg Dye Kit
    Quick shop

    Will dye dozens of eggs and with proper care, can last years! Though some artists choose to replenish their dyes every couple years.  

    Here you will have Canola Yellow, Tofino Sunset (orange), Glowing Hearts (bright red), Orca Black, Niagara Blue and Laurentian Green pysanka dyes.


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  • Cleansing Orange Eggshell Dye
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    Cleansing orange is NOT part of our 20-colour eggshell dye kit as it is NOT used to colour your eggshell. Instead it is used to help wash back some of the stronger colours to allow for new colours to "take" on the egg. 

    You do not add vinegar to this orange.

    I put the cleansing orange in a plastic container with lid to keep on hand and to make sure it looks different than the eggshell dyes.  Washing back darker dyes will change the colour of this orange, as it will slowly get contaminated with the darker dyes.  Because of this, you will want to replace this cleansing dye often. 


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  • Trypillian Pysanky Dye Set
    Quick shop
    Canola Yellow, Yukon Gold, Beaver Brown, Okanagan Wine and Orca Black Pysanky Dyes for all your Trypillian designs.
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