New Thinking, New Electrics, New Dye - Gail Kozun Bruckner

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New Thinking, New Electrics, New Dye - Gail Kozun Bruckner

I was so excited to receive my order from Ukrainian Eggcessories! It arrived sooner than I had expected, in a well packaged box. What a delightful surprise to first fold back the yellow and blue tissue paper reminiscent of the Ukrainian flag, to reveal the contents safely nestled in bubble wrap in case it suffered any jostling. Immediately I took my new electric kistky out to inspect. They were so beautiful and perfect, colour co-ordinated handles for quick recognition for size reference. I started to work right away!

Ukrainian EggCessories Order

I automatically went straight for the “fine” pen size. I loved the smooth, even lines that this pen revealed for me. I found it amusing that my old habit of looking for the candle flame, of using a traditional kistka for so many years, still had a bit of a hold on me.  I also now had to get used to having an electric cord extending off of the pen too, but it was not cumbersome, and soon forgotten once I got into a new rhythm… a much faster and consistent rhythm of writing in a modern age. I also found that I preferred the “medium” sized pen as well, and will be certain that those two will be my “workhorses” for most of my work.

Waxed Pysanky

Now to the dyes!
I prefer to work in a limited palette, and will discuss the Canola Yellow, Tofino Sunset Orange, Kalyna Red and Orca Black.

Mixing up the fresh batches of dyes is one of my favourite things each year! And these dyes were exciting! 
The Canola yellow did indeed look like the golden fields blooming in summer on the prairies, I loved the richness and coolness of it.

Gail Kozun-Bruckner pysanky waxed and dyed yellow

I was especially impressed with the Tofino Sunset orange! I don’t know what your experiences with orange have been, but I’ve never seemed to get the richness I want from orange dyes in the past…. but this orange…. Did NOT disappoint!! I’ve never loved an orange more than this one!!

Pysanky waxed and dyed Tofino Sunset - Gail Kozun-Bruckner

The most exciting dying moment though was when I pulled my first egg out of the Kalyna Red!! I literally Gasped from the delight of this deep red!!
I’ve never seen such a gorgeous colour… the colour of life itself!

Pysanka waxed and dyed with Kalyna Red - Gail Kozun-Bruckner

The final colour, of course was Orca Black, which made the other colours pop out from its inky richness.

I was so excited to remove the wax to finally reveal the surprises underneath.
I really appreciated working with these new products from Ukrainian Eggcessories, and look forward to the rest of the writing season.

3 Pysanky written by Gail Kozun-Bruckner

Gail Kozun-Bruckner Bio: Gail learned to write pysanka from her Mother. Growing up on the prairies in Saskatchewan has given her a love of nature and in particular birding. She is also a dancer and artist in other mediums as well.

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