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The prime ingredient to creating fine art Ukrainian Pysanky!

Beeswax is the only type of wax to use when making Pysanky—Ukrainian Easter Eggsor other batik style eggs because it's the only kind of wax that sticks to the egg shell.  Beeswax has a high melting point that melts cleanly in the kistka without any smoke. This also aids in writing consistent smooth lines.

Traditional kistky usually use a natural beeswax because the soot of the candle will turn the beeswax black, making your lines easy to see on the egg. This soot often plugs up the kistka which has to be cleaned out before it can be used again.

However, Ukrainian EggCessories' Candle Heated Kistky are very efficient so this doesn't happen with them. When using our kistky, it is recommended to use the black honeycomb beeswax so that you are able to see your lines.

The beeswax for our honeycomb beeswax sheets comes from Canada and has shown to be the best beeswax that works with our electric and candle traditional kistka tips. The beeswax sheets make it easy to fill the reservoir of the kistka. Just heat up the kistka and then drag the sheet of wax down the side of the reservoir until full or pull the reservoir of the kistka up the side of the sheet of wax. It's as easy as that.

For best results, please consider only the honeycomb beeswax for our electric Kistky.

Real hand-written Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) love vivid colours!

Ukrainian EggCessories added seven new colours increasing our eggshell dyes from 13 to 20 colours. These are seven new ways to add a lot more colour combinations to your pysanka designs.

Then... we came up with this super fun idea on renaming all the dyes to a Canadian theme of colours. Why'd we do that?

Well, because we are Canadian. And these are the only dyes that are mixed and packaged in Canada and we're pretty proud of that.

Plus Canadians are known to be light hearted and fun... so why not let our dyes be the same. 

We want you to have just as much fun with the eggshell dyes, trusting that the dyes have been tested and re-mixed to give you the best coverage and brightness. Our dyes are very comparable with all the other pysanka dye companies so jump in, grab some dyes and have  fun!! 

These are all sold as individual dye packages.  

Use with common white vinegar as per instructions on all colors except Cream Soda Pink and the Cleansing Orange rinse.  

Pssst... the secret you absolutely want to know!

We want to let you know that our Candle Heated Kistky use the same precision pen tips as our coveted Electric Kistky. This means you can create beautiful Ukrainian eggs as gifts all season and not just Easter, no matter your budget.

Our stainless steel precision tips are the secret to creating fine, even, smooth and consistent lines of melted beeswax when making Ukrainian Easter eggs or other egg art. You'll find that "accidental blobs" happen a lot less frequently than they do with brass or copper-tipped kistky. Our kistky create breathtaking lines that would make even an experienced artist jump for joy!


The old fashion traditional kistky usually use a natural beeswax block because the soot of the candle will turn the beeswax black making your lines easy to see on the egg. This soot often plugs up the kistka which has to be cleaned out before it can be used again.  

However, Ukrainian EggCessories' Candle Heated Kistky are very efficient so this doesn't happen with them. When using our kistky, it is recommended to use the black honeycomb beeswax so that you are able to see your design lines on your eggshell. 

Pick a size, or all four and start designing and writing your pysanky today!!

The little extras make a big difference!

Your Ukrainian Easter Pysanky is illustrated with beautiful symbols, motifs, and truly an original handmade design. It takes a lot of work to complete a work of art.

Give your egg the best start, by using the little extras that can make your pysanky a success every time. 

Cleaning wire, egg plugs (for those that empty out their egg before writing), and kistka stands can make a big difference.  Keep all these close by on your work space so they are "at the ready" while you write.

No more blobbing and uneven lines!

Ukrainian EggCessories' Kistky are well known in the "Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Egg, Egg Art" field as the stylus that many Pysanky artists are starting to choose to create their best work. The kistka produces high resolution, smooth and even wax lines.

This Electric Kistka is an electrical heating tool with a large reservoir that holds and melts beeswax so it can flow through the tip much like ink through a pen. The Ukrainian EggCessories' Electric Kistka keeps the wax at an even temperature ensuring an effortless wax design onto your egg while the buffed stainless steel tip allows for a smooth writing experience.  

All Kistky manufactured and sold by Ukrainian EggCessories are hand assembled and have a unique "stainless steel pen tip". The electric kistka was designed by original owners Michael & Gloria Olynyk. The thin handle design is easy on the hands and the writing tip will not wear under normal use. The electric kistka comes with a soft foam handle that is comfortable and comes in four pen tip sizes; x-fine, fine, medium and heavy. Each one creates a different width of wax line to help you create any design that inspires you. Cleaning wire is complementary.

Invest in Ukrainian EggCessories' Electrics with the comfort of knowing that these electrics will be with you for a very long time.  For the cost of a finished pysanka you can have your very own electric kistka that will change your whole experience of writing pysanky.  There will be no extra investment in tip replacements as our tips don't wear out. Confidently choose your size and enjoy.

Our Kistky are lovingly hand assembled in Canada, with your best experience in mind.  

Goose, Chicken and even Ostrich Pysanka!

Ukrainian EggCessories offers a variety of instructional books and templates to help you learn the design basics of writing pysanky. We have the very popular "Pysanky Party - Instructional Booklet" from Calgarian, Doris Mielke plus the Ukrainian Design Books 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 from UGS and even a book on how to write on an Ostrich egg.


Ukrainian EggCessories is proud to carry Ukrainian Easter Pysanky cards by Ptashka!  Ptashka is a line of contemporary Ukrainian stationery, owned and designed by Tanya Mykytiuk, from Toronto, Canada. You can visit to view the full range of Ptashka greeting cards for all occasions, paska toppers, and Ukrainian paper goods.

For more information about Tanya's design work and creations, please visit 

Make remarkable hanging ornaments our of your Pysanky!

Decorative egg top findings are glued to the top of your pysanky so you can hang them for display on a Christmas tree, a valentines tree, an Easter tree or any anywhere else that suits your fancy.  They can also be used for making jewelry with your pysanka. What a way to finish off your pysanky! Try a few!

Can you imagine a small oh heck... a large Easter tree decorated exclusively with hanging Pysanky? I can!

These Pysanky Findings give you lots of variety when planning your Halloween, Christmas and Easter Pysanky!

Hanging Pysanky is the new trend! So pick up a few designs of "Pysanky Findings" and have fun experimenting with hanging your Pysanky everywhere!!


The world needs more good energy!

According to Ukrainian legend, writing Pysanky wards off evil in the home, and in the world.

Today, more than ever, we need more good in the world. This variety of kits will give you the tools and inspiration to send special messages, prayers and wishes to your family and friends for more peace and freedom. Create beautifully designed art pieces you will be proud to show and share.  

Here you will find all different sizes of kits that will fit all your different needs. From the new artist, to the student and instructor, look here for a "Pysanky Kit" that is right for you.

After picking out your kit, you might want to check out our Pysanky Stands, Pysanky Findings and EGGcessories Collections for the little extras to finish off your order. 

Create an incomparable display in your home or office!

After writing pysanky, everyone wonders how they can display them.  And when giving your pysanky away as a gift (which is the tradition) you might want to give a stand to your loved one so they can display your work of art with pride.

We are always on the look-out for pysanky stands so stop in often as our inventory and types of stands change often.