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About Ukrainian Egg-Cessories

Ukrainian Egg-Cessories manufactures and sells the essential tools and supplies to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs called Pysanky, featuring the original "Ukrainian Egg-Cessories" Electric Kistka" designed by Michael Olynyk. 
At Ukrainian Egg-Cessories we believe that the creation of Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) is an art form that is accessible and fun for everyone.  From the beginner, novice to the expert artist and Pysanky teacher... young and old, Ukrainian or non-Ukrainian. With the right supplies, Ukrainian Easter Eggs can be created by anyone.  
We are committed to manufacturing quality products that are uniquely made in Canada.  Our reasonable prices make it easy to spread the spiritual beauty and art of Pysanky, while following the Ukrainian belief that as long as pysanky are being made, evil will not prevail in the world.
Kathy Verrelli (Schoenfelder-Hrapchak) takes over where Michael & Gloria Olynyk left off with "Ukrainian Egg", selling the original designed candle and electric kistka and all the tools, dyes, and beeswax needed to help support the beginner, novice, as well as the expert artist and pysanky teachers from coast to coast.