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The little extras make a big difference!

Your Ukrainian Easter Pysanky is illustrated with beautiful symbols, motifs, and truly an original handmade design. It takes a lot of work to complete a work of art.

Give your egg the best start, by using the little extras that can make your pysanky a success every time. 

Cleaning wire, egg plugs (for those that empty out their egg before writing), and kistka stands can make a big difference.  Keep all these close by on your work space so they are "at the ready" while you write.

Bubble Envelope for Shipping your eggs
$0.50 CAD
Egg Blower - Single Hole
$14.99 CAD
Egg Plugs - Clear Silicone (3mm - 8mm) 12pcs
$3.49 CAD
Egg Plugs - Pink Silicone (2mm - 5mm) 12pcs
$3.49 CAD
Egg Plugs - White Mini (4mm) 25pcs
$3.00 CAD
Egg Plugs - White Mini (2mm) 25pcs
$3.00 CAD
Egg Reamer Set - Diamond Coated
$6.25 CAD
Eggshell Cleaning Kit
$20.00 CAD $24.75 CAD
Gloves- Cotton Gloves White- Women's Medium One Pair
$5.99 CAD
Gloves- Nitrile Gloves Blue- Women's Medium One Pair
$2.75 CAD
Kistka Holder - Black Silicone - Holds 4 Electric Kistka
$13.99 CAD
Kistka Holder - Black Silicone - Holds 8 Electric Kistka
$19.99 CAD
Kistka holder - Clear Acrylic for Candle Heated Kistka
$3.99 CAD
Kistka Holder - Deluxe White Oak - for Electric Kistka
$40.00 CAD
6 items left
Light Box for Pysanka Photography- 23cm x 23cm x 24cm (Small)
$24.99 CAD
5 items left
Pysanky Pillows
$10.00 CAD
4 items left
Scratch Tool - for Dryapanky or Scratch eggs.
$7.99 CAD
Sold Out
Wristlet with Zipper and Strap- Borealis Green
$12.50 CAD