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A Kistka is a wax sylus for beeswax. You fill the reserviour with beeswas and heat under a candle flame. When it's hot enough, the beeswax flows out of the tip like ink out of a pen. Then you write your designs on your Ukrainian Easter Egg

XXXFine, XFine, Fine & Medium arriving the week of March 14th, 2022

Tthe kistka can be held in any way that is comfortable, but most people will hold it as they do a pencil, with their fingers just above the barrel for more control. practice holding a kistka at right angles to an egg, with the tip doing the drawing.

Ukrainian EggCessories is proudly Canadian yet supports the art of pysanky and egg art worldwide

Safety First: Remember that the kistka sleeve and writing tip is very hot when heated and combined with the hot beeswax, it can leave a severe burn. Always have a safe place to hold your kistka when not in use. Try our silicone kistky holders. They work perfectly for this.