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#01 Canola Yellow Pysanka Dye

This nice bright "Canola Yellow" pysanka dye covers well and does not have an oily feel. Canola Yellow is often the first dye colour used on a pysanka.  

Canola Yellow Represents:

Positivity, happiness, and enlightenment. It radiates warmth, captures attention, and conveys optimism. Associated with joy and clarity, this colour embodies a vibrant and cheerful spirit. 

Canola Yellow Name: We named our yellow dye Canola Yellow because it is synonymous with wheat fields swaying in a gentle breeze and canola flowers blooming in all their glory. This colour would be great for someone who is a free spirit, bubbly and full of joy. With our Canola Yellow eggshell pysanka dye you will be able to capture a bit of sunshine in your Ukrainian Easter Eggs.