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#11 Magenta Fireweed Pysanka Dye

This strong vibrant dark pink works wonderful in a border or for flower designs on your pysanky. Magenta is the complementary color of green. These two colors have the highest contrast and the greatest harmony, which means they would work well on a pysanka design if you are looking for contrast.

Magenta Fireweed Represents:

Passion, creativity, and spiritual awareness. This vibrant hue is the embodiment of emotional expression and is a harmonious fusion of intensity and serenity. 

Magenta Fireweed Name:  Fireweed is the provincial flower of the Yukon, and is named because of its ability to quickly regrow after a fire. It’s stunning colours perfectly capture the beauty of our Magenta Fireweed Eggshell Pysanky Dye. One fun fact about the colour Magenta, is that it was the first synthetic aniline dye made in 1856 and patented in 1859. Magenta began the aniline dye revolution with many dye colours stemming from this one colour. Today you'll also know that Magenta is one of the three colours used in ink printing. This is great choice for those who want to get unstuck or are looking for something new.