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#12 Beaver Brown Pysanka Dye

Beaver Brown is a neutral natural colour that is a must for trypillian designed pysanky. On a white or brown egg, Beaver Brown and Orca Black are wonderful combinations that's perfect for a trypillian pysanka. However, Beaver Brown doesn't get the attention it deserves. This is a colour that works for trypillian pysanky but is also a perfect complement to any of our pysanka dye colours. Try it, you'll love the look!

Beaver Brown Represents:

Reliability, groundedness, and warmth. Like fertile soil, it represents stability and security. This grounding colour connects us to nature, embodying dependability and a timeless, reassuring presence. 

Beaver Brown Name: Featured on the standard nickel of Canada, the beaver is an important Canadian symbol, as well as a part of our history. One of the reasons Canada exists today is because the beaver was hunted for the fur trade, causing North American settlement as a whole. Beavers are also known as the builders of nature, making them representative of Canada as a peacemaking and peacekeeping nation. Anyone who takes comfort in the natural world or needs to have the comforts of home close by will connect to Beaver Brown.