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#13 Yukon Gold Pysanka Dye

Yukon Gold is a great first colour for your pysanka. It's a richer yellow than Canola Yellow and brings a true depth to your Pysanka designs. Though it isn't a true gold, it looks like it has specks of gold in the dye bath.

We currently encourage NO VINEGAR. 

Yukon Gold Represents:

The sunrise, wisdom and spiritual insight. Across cultures, it signifies not just a material wealth but also the pursuit of enlightenment and the illumination of deeper truths on the journey of life. 

Yukon Gold Name: In days of old, the Canadian world went wild for an incredible discovery in the Yukon. When a gold nugget was found in the Klondike River in 1896, prospectors from across the nation travelled to the Yukon in search of fortune. We have commemorated one of the greatest economically-charged migration in Canadian history by making the colour sought out by the brave and bold available to all. This is perfect for those looking for new beginnings, risk-takers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.