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#16 Sweetgrass Green Dye

Sweetgrass Eggshell Pysanka Dye is our warm green colour dye.

This colouris halfway between yellow and green and is a perkycolour but its warmth is toned down by the bits of green and gold. This is a fun colour to use with borders & leaves and goes amazingly well with Crown Purple, Monarch Orange, Okanagan Wine, some of our richer dye colours and yet can stand alone with Orca Black in a stunning two colour pysanka.  

Sweetgrass Represents:

New life, growth, health, healing and gratitude. This invigorating colour has been used for centuries across many cultures to express gratitude and commemorate special occasions. 

Sweetgrass Name: One of the four sacred herbs of the First Nations peoples, sweetgrass is known to have a sweet vanilla scent. The Sweetgrass dye takes the beauty of sweetgrass and transfers its pleasantry into vibrant colour. Its beautiful combination of warm and cool tones brings calmness and serenity to any pysanka and is perfect for those seeking comfort, assurance and those celebrating special events in their lives.