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#17 Sacred Amaranth Pysanka Dye

Sacred Amaranth is a strong "dusty wine rose" colour pysanka dye that will give you different variations of the colour depending on what colour you have underneath. This is a food based dye, not an aniline dye however it is still powerfully beautiful in its own right with great light fastness. Use Sacred Amaranth along with Borealis Green, Canola Yellow and Orca Black for a stunning colour combination.

Sacred Amaranth Represents:

All things majestic, insightful, determined and immortal. It signifies the endurance of an eternal and unchanging energy - a beauty that can never fades. 

Sacred Amaranth Name: The sacred seed of the Aztecs, also grows throughout Canada and the USA! The Amaranth seed is known for its healthy properties as an ancient grain, and its gorgeous earthy red colour of the flowers has been used as a natural dye for ages. Keep an eye out for Amaranth grains in your local health food store as they're gaining a reputation for being a super whole food. This grain has been around for as long as the art of pysanka and our Sacred Amaranth dye gathered from the stunning Amaranth flower focuses its brilliance into the dusty red hue we give to you.