#23 Georgian Bay Pine Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Georgian Bay Pine is a new dye as of September 2021. It's a beautiful rich dark green. 

Georgian Bay Pine Tip: This dye is best to paint on with a brush or a Qtip... it can be dipped if used as a last colour or if it's dipped to cover large areas, a wash back to white with ivory soap and then a quick dip in 10% vinegar will allow another colour to cover.

Georgian Bay Pine represents longevity, endurance and resilience. Georgian Bay Pine green is a dark green.

Wind swept Georgian Bay Pine are everywhere in the beautiful Georgian Bay in Canada. Just off Lake Huron the Georgian Bay Pine often grows in between rocks of the Canadian Shield. The weathered look of endurance and resilience is inspiration for artists and a go to place for photographers. Our Georgian Bay Pine dye captures the dark wild resilience of these tough yet beautiful trees. 

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