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#06 Niagara Blue Pysanka Dye

Niagara Blue Eggshell Pysanka Dye is our original Blue dye that has proven to be a strong blue for all your pysanky creations. Because this pysanka dye colour has lasted the test of time, we gave it the new Canadian name of Niagara Blue.

Niagara Blue Represents:

Tranquility, akin to a soothing river or a breath of fresh air. It embodies the essence of a peaceful relationship, characterized by trust, loyalty, and security. 

Niagara Falls Name: The mighty Niagara Falls are one of Canada’s greatest natural wonders, artistically dividing Canada from the United States. Our Niagara Blue dye is our original blue dye from a dye recipe over 35 years old. We think it contains the essence of this breathtaking beauty, taken directly from the relentlessly forceful falls themselves while celebrating the peaceful relations with our United States neighbours. This would be perfect for the person who values harmony, comfort and steadiness in their life but can also connect to adventure-seekers and those chasing dreams.