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#07 Cream Soda Pink Pysanka Dye

Please note that when mixing, Cream Soda Pink DOES NOT use white vinegar.

Cream Soda Pink is vibrant and powerful which is a surprise because it doesn't take vinegar to make it adhere to an eggshell. It goes against the grain of Pysanky artists to trust that the dye will work without vinegar but it does... and the colour is beyond beautiful. It's definitely worth a try.  

Cream Soda Pink Represents:

Playfulness, exuberance, and femininity. This lively hue radiates positive energy, and will add a touch of whimsy to any design, while conveying joy and warmth. 

Cream Soda Pink Name: When Canadians think back to their childhoods, chances are there is a memory of soda in there somewhere. When it comes to Cream Soda, pink colouring and labelling is a uniquely Canadian concept, (it's clear everywhere else) and what better represents our youth and Canadian culture than the fun of pink Cream Soda. Cream Soda Pink encourages us to find joy in the journey! This would be a great colour for someone who's full of life and laughter - brightening up any room with their presence and those who need to believe in the potential of their dreams.