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#08 Laurentian Green Pysanka Dye

To achieve the best results, consider applying this dye with a brush or a Qtip. If used as the last colour or for covering large areas by dipping, it's recommended to wash back to white with ivory soap and then quickly dip in a 10% vinegar solution to allow this green to cover effectively. While green typically plays a minor role in a pysanka's overall colour scheme, it holds significance in certain regions of Ukraine where it takes center stage on the egg.

Laurentian Green Represents:

Health, harmony and reassurance-the colour of spring, growth and renewal. It evokes the feeling of an invigorating walk among the trees, and serves as a reminder that we are always able to start anew. 

Laurentian Green Name: The Laurentian Forest is a beautiful landscape full of life and colour that connects the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River together. Our Laurentian Green dye captures the elegant liveliness found throughout this magnificent city of trees. It embodies new beginnings: a reminder that after a long winter, there will always be growth and renewal.