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Pysanka of Ukraine - carved box

This is a chance to own or gift this beautiful "Pysanka of Ukraine" set.

The set "Pysanka of Ukraine" is made by the member of the National Union of Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine - Oksana Bilous. In the set - traditional pysankas, made waxy way samples of the XIX century, from the twenty regions of Ukraine.

The box is had carved and sells for $90 on its own.

At the beginning of the 20th century, every Ukrainian village was famous for its unique pysanka (decorated easter egg). People have long been reverting an egg as a source of life, and therefore they were concerned with cooling dumplings and Easter eggs with great respect. Pre-cooked eggs, wax, dyestuffs, pencil, and when the evening arrived and all around was freezing, tireless women sat down at the candle. A quiet holy prayer was read and lay on the white surface of the egg signs of fertility, sprout, fiery solar power, life-giving rain. Pysanka was created. 

Afterwards, already consecrated, she saved her from bad fortune, evil eye, illnesses and fires. Take your pysanka in your hands! Let your little house shine a little sun, which will bring you health, harmony and love.


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