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Electric Kistky

Ukrainian Egg-Cessories' Kistky are becoming well known in the "Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Egg, Egg Art" field as the stylus that many Pysanky artists choose to create their best work.
This Electric Kistka is an electrical heating tool with a large reservoir that holds and melts beeswax so it can flow through the pen tip much like ink through a pen.  The Ukrainian Egg-Cessories' Electric Kistka keeps the wax at an even temperature ensuring an effortless wax design onto your egg while the buffed stainless steel pen tip allows for a smooth writing experience.  
All Kistky manufactured and sold by Ukrainian Egg-Cessories are hand assembled and have a unique "stainless steel pen tip" designed by original owners Michael & Gloria Olynyk.  The thin handle design is easy on the hands and the pen tip will not wear under normal use.  
The electric kistka comes with a soft foam handle that is comfortable and comes in four pen tip sizes; x-fine, fine, medium and heavy.  Each one creates a different width of wax line to help you create any design that inspires you.  Cleaning wire is complementary.
Our Kistky are lovingly hand assembled in Canada, with your best experience in mind.