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FUNDRAISER #5: Pysanky For Ukraine Kit


$15 from each kit will be donated to Unite With Ukraine

According to an old Ukrainian legend, as long as pysanky are being made, evil shall not prevail over good in the world.

The FUNDRAISER #5: Pysanky For Ukraine Kit allows you to donate and help Ukraine. You will receive your kit and can start creating authentic pysanky eggs with traditional supplies and instructions. Donate today and make a difference!

Pick up this kit, and join the global pysanka community in writing a pysanka, and sending positive thoughts and energy to Ukraine. We encourage all pysanka enthusiasts to post photos of pysanky, pysanka workshops, and information about online pysanka events related to this event in the Facebook group Pysanky For Ukraine Day.
Let’s send some love to all Ukrainians, through the magic of pysanky!

This kit gives you everything you need to make beautiful pysanky with the colours of Ukraine!

  • stainless steel tipped MediumXX kistka (wax stylus)
  • 5-colour dyes - Canola Yellow, Orca Black, Huron Blue, Kalyna Red & Blue Jay Feather
  • blue beeswax sheets - 22g
  • "Let's Write A Pysanka" instruction manual

Comes with a complementary cleaning wire.