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August 02, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

Using pencil is helpful to create divisions and apply design elements to your pysanky. Here's some tricks to keep the pencil lines off your finished designs.

Try the following tricks:

  • Wash off the pencil lines after the first waxing (before the first dye bath). Use a soft toothbrush and dish soap. Rinse well and dip in vinegar rinse before dyeing.
  • Coat the egg lightly with vegetable oil before unwaxing.
  • If pencil marks linger after unwaxing, reapply wax and vegetable oil, and unwax again.
  • It could be the pencil's fault. Some pencils are stubborn. Try using a different pencil next time.
  • Hi Polymer leads, 4H or 6H mechanical pencil, or a very hard regular pencil in a 9H & 10H are very light and work well.
  • Try giving a light wipe with lighter fluid, Goo Gone, or mineral spirits to take off any remaining pencil marks.

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September 27, 2023

I haven’t tried it yet but seems reasonable. I’m still working on setting up designs. I’ll let you know after I get to that place. Thanks for the ideas.

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