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#01 Canola Yellow Pysanka Dye

#01 Canola Yellow Eggshell Pysanka Dye

This nice bright "Canola Yellow" pysanka dye covers well and does not have an oily feel. Canola Yellow is often the first dye colour used on a pysanka.  

Canola Yellow represents the beauty of nature, embodying all that is joyful, bright and happy in the world like the warm sun, twinkling stars, bright moon, and the abundance of harvest. 

It is synonymous with wheat fields swaying in a gentle breeze and canola flowers blooming in all their glory. This colour would be great for someone who is a free spirit, bubbly and full of joy. With our Canola Yellow eggshell pysanka dye you will be able to capture a bit of sunshine in your Ukrainian Easter Eggs.