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#10 Glacier Turquoise Pysanka Dye

Glacier Turquoise is a fabulous eggshell dye colour worth using. This is one of my favourite dye colours and I often use this as a one colour pysanka but the coolness of this colour would also look great with Canola Yellow, Okanagan Wine and Viking Violet to name just a few. 

Glacier Turquoise Represents:

Serenity, balance, and mental clarity. Symbolizing spiritual grounding, it evokes tranquility, fostering a connection with nature and promoting a sense of calm. 

Glacier Turquoise Name: The great white north is known for its stark tundras and immense glaciers. The water that melts from these glaciers is cold, crisp and breathtakingly beautiful. The Glacier Turquoise Eggshell Pysanka dye embodies the majesty of the north’s majestic ice mountains. This dye colour is perfect for anyone who loves to take risks but also knows when it's time to take a breather and reconnect with themselves.