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#18 Borealis Green Pysanka Dye

#18 Borealis Green Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Borealis Green is a bright Lime Green pysanka eggshell dye that would work well as a colour used in the beginning of your dye process.  It's a wonderful colour to use as a true Easter colour and goes very well with Canola Yellow, Tofino Sunset, Cream Soda Pink, Sacred Amaranth and Glowing Hearts. 

Borealis Green is very similar to our Sweetgrass but has more of a brighter yellow hue to it where Sweetgrass has more of a warmth to it. However, since both of these colours are so similar, eventually one will be dropped from our line. 

Borealis Green represents new growth, freshness, love of life and healthy perception.

The aurora borealis is a uniquely arctic experience, beautifully waving across the northern sky. The Borealis Green dye captures the wonderful hue of Canada’s very own northern lights.