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#20 Viking Violet Pysanka Dye

This “Viking Violet” is a brilliant fast taking dye that turns a bit more blue when varnished. It's one of those dyes that is beautiful and powerful! It's an amazing last dye and goes very well with Canola Yellow, Monarch Orange, Borealis Green and would make a stunning "one colour" pysanka. 

If you make a dye wash with this dye you'll get a softer violet. 

Viking Violet Represents:

Reflection, faith, and trust. This contemplative hue reminds us to take the time to be creative, spiritual and reflective. It celebrates mindfulness, imagination and those seeking a deeper meaning in life.

Viking Violet Name: 1000 years ago, Canada had Vikings. They sailed from Greenland and settled at the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. When we think of Vikings we think of rugged, ruthless and strong. I love that the women were resourceful and used natural dyes to give colour to their clothes. I wonder if they ever used natural dyes to colour eggs? Viking Violet may not be a natural dye but it is bold & powerful and represents the Viking spirit to a tee. Vikings used motifs to carve pictures on stones. One of these motifs is now on the egg of our Viking Violet dye package. This is a great colour to use for those who love to tap into their creative side and find strength in the little things.