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#21 Maple Syrup Pysanka Dye

Maple Syrup is a warm brown that is perfect for trypillian designed pysanky. On a white or brown egg, Maple Syrup holds its own. Maple Syrup is a great compliment with any other pysanka dye colours. Try it, you'll love the look! Maple Syrup, Orca Black & white are a stunning combination.

Maple Syrup Represents:

Abundance, stability, and sweetness. It suggests prosperity, good fortune, and hospitality, and serves as a reminder to always be kind to one another.  

Maple Syrup Name: A staple of Canadian food, maple syrup is an icon of our culture and a sweet treat across the country. Enjoyed alongside waffles, pancakes and more, or as a baking ingredient, maple syrup has a unique flavour and a vivid, golden-brown colour. Our maple syrup dye shares this beautiful hue with its namesake.