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#24 Kokanee Salmon Pysanka Dye

#24 Kokanee Salmon Eggshell Pysanka Dye (New)

This nice warm "Kokanee Salmon" pysanka dye is a great dye to add to your dye inventory. Enjoy different hues from this one dye powder just by changing how long you leave the eggshell in the dye bath. Give the dye 10+ minutes to really show its true colour. Kokanee Salmon will add nice light colour to your Pysanky. Enjoy it with many of the other dyes in our Ukrainian EggCessories' line of eggshell pysanka dye.

Kokanee Salmon symbolizes expression and fellowship

Hailing from the west coast in British Columbia, Kokanee Salmon also known as the Kokanee trout & little redfish, are a non-anadromous species of salmon, meaning they stay in freshwater their whole lives, instead of travelling out to sea like their anadromous counterpart the Sockeye Salmon.