#04 Orca Black Pysanka Dye

#04 Orca Black Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Orca Black is often the last and final colour used on a pysanka designed eggshell. It allows all the other colours to "pop" and bring brilliance to your pysanka. It’s also beautiful as a one colour pysanka. Have fun using Orca Black.

Orca Black Info: Canada's environmental laws don't allow Acid Black 1 powder dye (often used in pysanka dyes) to be used in our Canadian dye. Our water treatment plants cannot process the dye and so it makes it's way into our streams and waterways. Because of this, our Orca Black has a mixture of different black powder dyes that are easier on the environment.

Orca Black Tip: Sometimes Orca Black needs a little help to cover strong and powerful. An egggshell either needs patience with a 20-25 minute dip, or a wash back of all previous colours before going into Orca Black. This can be achieved with soap and water or with a quick etch with ZEP toilet bowl cleaner or Safe Etch. Once all the previous dye colours are washed away, roll your egg in a vinegar bath (1/2 cup vinegar - 1/2 cup water) or straight vinegar for 30 seconds to prepare the eggshell to accept the Orca Black dye. Now your eggshell will take less than a 5 minute dip with a glorious velvet like coverage. 

Black Represents: darkest time before dawn, eternity, respect for the dead and fear or ignorance.

The Orca is one of the most menacing sea creatures in the Arctic Ocean and northern Pacific Ocean, and their apex predator status earns them the title of Killer Whale. Interestingly enough, Orcas are actually a type of dolphin, rather than whales, and it is actually the largest species of dolphin. To celebrate the orcas, we named our black after the most elegant and fearsome creature of the arctic.

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