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Beeswax - Black Beeswax Sheets

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Beeswax - Black Beeswax Sheets


Beeswax is known as the only type of wax to use when making Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs or other batik style eggs because it is known to be the only kind of wax that sticks to the egg shell.  Beeswax has a high melting point that melts cleanly in the kistka without any smoke, and aids in constant smooth lines which makes it easier to create even the finest of designs. 

Our honeycomb beeswax comes from northern Alberta in Canada and has shown to be the best beeswax that works with our electric and candle traditional kistka tips. The beeswax sheets make it easy to fill the reservoir of the kistka.  Just heat up the kistka and then drag the sheet of wax down the side of the reservoir until full or pull the reservoir of the kistka up the side of the sheet of wax.  It is as easy as that.

These pure Beeswax sheets have black coloring to help you see the written lines on your egg shell surface.

Packaged in bags with a total weight of 22 grams these sheets are enough to complete 3-5 eggs depending on how much wax you need.   

This honeycomb beeswax works amazingly with our electric and candle Kistky.  

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