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Cheeky Crafty Lady - Deluxe Kit

TikTok, Instagram & Youtube have come alive with videos from user "Cheeky Crafty Lady"!

These are the supplies CheekyCraftyLady uses in her videos. Pick up your deluxe kit here and follow her on TikTok!

This deluxe kit gives you everything you need to make beautiful pysanky!

  • brass tipped Ukrainian Kistky set (fine & medium)
  • 6-colour dye kit
  • Borealis Green, Cream Soda Pink, Glacier Turquoise and Crown Purple Dyes
  • black beeswax sheets 22g
  • blue beeswax sheets 22g
  • "Let's Write A Pysanka" instruction manual
  • Eggshell Cleaning Kit

Comes with a complementary cleaning wire.

PS... you can find Ukrainian EggCessories on TikTok too! Search us there.

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