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Dye cloths

Add a little “extra extra” to your dye table or egging space with our Individual Dye Cloths. Each cloth showcases each UE dye envelope.

These cloths are made from absorbent microfiber material, designed to gently wick away excess dye, ensuring your intricate designs remain unsmudged and undisturbed.

To add some fun, we've included an interpretation of what each colour could potentially represent. While interpretations can be subjective, it adds a delightful twist of symbolism and storytelling to your creations.

You have the flexibility to purchase a single dye cloth that matches your favourite UE dye colour, or indulge in the complete set to have a rainbow of options at your fingertips. Dive into a world of colour, symbolism, and creativity with our Dye Design Cloths.

Care instructions:

  • use the cloths over and over again before washing.
  • hand wash separately
  • do not wash with other dye cloths
  • do not bleach
  • do not iron