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Egg Reamer Set - Diamond Coated

This is a great compliment with the Single Hole Basic Egg Blower.

Use any of these 4 egg reamer tools to smooth and/or enlarge the drain hole on your Pysanka egg shell. These hand tools are easy to use and a must in any "eggers" tool box. 

These diamond tipped, plastic handle reamers are used to enlarge the drain holes or smooth out rough edges of the egg shell used for pysanky or other batik style eggs. This set contains 4 different tip sizes, which are helpful, depending on the size of your egg and the size of your drain hole.

The hole you will get from the yellow and red handle egg reamer will work nicely with the pink or 2mm mini egg plug (sold here), while the green and blue egg reamer will work well with the white or 4mm mini egg plug (sold here).