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Pysanky Kit - #4. The More The Merrier

The More The Merrier - Family & Friends Pysanky Kit

“Mama!" my son shrieked with glee, "I drew a circle around the egg, straight and same width, without breaking the egg! Mama! Come see!"

The joy a mother and child reach with a bit of practice is worth every second. Sure it took him many tries, and now we've come to love our family time together as we prepare unique and colorful Pysanky for Easter. This joy surpasses anything we do together - unless it's eating fresh homemade perogies! Same joy!

Gather friends and family around the table for an unforgettable eggsperience!

What's in it? 

This pysanky kit contains:

  • 2 each of stainless steel tipped Fine, Medium & Heavy kistka (wax stylus) 
  • 13-colour dye kit
  • 4x pure black beeswax - 22g - enough for 2 - 3 dozen eggs depending on how much wax your design requires
  • 2x "Let's Write a Pysanka" instructional booklet
  • complimentary cleaning wire to keep the kistky clean.