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Fly Nightingales, To Native Lands - Vira Manko

Fly Nightingales, To Native Lands - Vira Manko

Birds have long made a nest in Ukrainian culture: in applied arts, folklore, and folk customs. In this booklet - the first swallow of this nature - an attempt has been made to single out this oldest and most common zoomorphic motif, while focusing our attention on the custom of summoning spring and its material manifestation - baking "larks". 

We want this custom to come to life, and our computerized children once again learned to enjoy nature and this God's world. For family and school reading.

In this book you'll find pysanky decorated with bird, as well as bird songs, stories and the dough recipe and instructions on how to make your very own larks.

Author: Vira Manko
Language: Ukrainian
Number of pages: 62
Cover: hardcover