Writer's Delight Kistka Set with Silicone Stand

Writer's Delight - Ebony Black Wood Handled Candle-Heated Kistky set includes a 5-slot silicone kistka stand and features our New Ebony Wood Black Handle Kistky

Comes in the following tip sizes:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • MediumX
  • MediumXX
  • Heavy

Get five sizes of candle-heated kistky and be on your way to pysanky expertise plus a black silicone kistky stand perfect to hold your kistky while you're writing your pysanka. These five sizes of candle-heated kistky will help you create the pysanky of your dreams!


By helping with the finest of lines using the fine tip, to fuller lines with the MediumX candle kistky,... all the way to filling in your open spaces in your design with the Heavy sized tip.  

All Kistky are only to be used with beeswax.

These candle-heated kistky are a must have in every pysanky artists tool kit and you get a stand too. Manufactured in Canada with your best experience in mind.

Comes with a complimentary cleaning wire.