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November 14, 2017 2 min read 2 Comments

Hello, my name is Anastasiya and I am a Pysanka enthusiast! I was born and raised in Ukraine, thus Ukrainian culture, traditions and art are very close to my heart and soul.  In Ukraine I used to go to an art school (extra curricular activity, 5 times a week, after regular school from grade 5-9), this is where I learned Pysanka art. We only did a few classes (maybe 4), but I love decorative, traditional art!!

Anastasiya Sved makes wonderful Pysanky
I live in Estevan now. When we immigrated to Canada, this was our first home. I also lived in Regina for awhile to go to University and for ten years I was a member of Poltava Ensemble of Song Music and Dance in Regina.

Recently I have rediscovered Pysanka-writing art after encountering a great community of Pysanka artists online. They have introduced me to Ukrainian EggCessories that provide top-notch quality of dyes, kistkas and second to none customer service!

I have three personal pysanky tips to share: 

1. Spend extra time planning a design using pencil and tape-measurer, it pays to have even divisions and lines. 
2. Make sure you plug the ends really well so as to not let color seep inside the egg (it causes all sorts of problems and leaky colors if it does).
3. Invest in good tools (I use electric kistka, black beeswax and dyes from Ukrainian EggCessories), then the work goes quick, it is enjoyable and easy.

Pysanky by Anastaysia using Ukrainian EggCessories' pysanka dyes

I love creating new Pysanka designs and trying new techniques, colours and divisions; I sell my Pysanky to raise the money for local charities. Plus, in Canada it’s well understood and appreciated.

For me, however, writing Pysanky is very natural.   It's what I grew up with. ~ Anastasiya Shved  
Pysanky made by Anastasiya

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September 27, 2023

Beautiful personal story! lovely pysanky designs too!


September 27, 2023

I love your eggs and the bright colors! My grandparents came from the Ukraine to Canada as well. I continue the tradition of writing Pysanky. It is so fun to create them. So far I’ve taught half of my grand children how to make them. All my kids make them as well….we donate them to the local Mennonite Relief Sale at our booth! And I have a beautiful Ukrainian blouse just like yours! Thanks for sharing!

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