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Candle Heated "Traditional" Kistky

Ukrainian Egg-Cessories' traditional Kistka is often called an "almost electric" because these are no basic candle Kistky.  They are "almost electric" because they use the same stainless steel pen tips as the Ukrainian Egg-Cessories' (UEC) electric kistkas. This means with just the right amount of constant candle heat, you can get the same smooth & consistent wax lines as our electrics.  The Ukrainian Egg-Cessories' Kistka has a large wax reservoir that stays at an even temperature longer, ensuring an effortless wax design onto your egg, while the buffed stainless steel pen tip allows for a smooth writing experience.  
All Kistky manufactured and sold by Ukrainian Egg-Cessories have a unique "stainless steel pen tip" designed by Michael & Gloria Olynyk.  After years of making Pysanky, Gloria and Michael were able to perfect their design which will last a lifetime as they will not wear out when writing pysanky on egg shells.  The handle is comfortable to use as it feels just like you were holding a pencil. All Kistka orders come with one complementary cleaning wire. 
Proudly assembled in Canada with your best experience in mind.