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08. The Poppy: Ukraine's Blossom of Beauty - Linda Lishchuk Hupert - Thursday July 18th 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Uncover the artistry of the poppy, a symbol deeply rooted in Ukraine's rich cultural tapestry. In this engaging and informative workshop we'll dive into the vibrant world of poppy designs, providing you with an array of samples to spark your creativity.

In a warm and supportive environment, you'll handcraft your own pysanka, adorned with a unique poppy design. While we'll collaboratively create one egg during the session, the techniques and skills learned will equip you to explore a myriad of designs on your own.

The class fee of $30.00 CAD covers the workshop experience and also includes a comprehensive, full-colour instruction handout. These materials will serve as a valuable resource for your ongoing pysanky journey.

Please bring:

One or two chicken eggs (either emptied or full, as per your comfort), regular pysanky writing tools, an electric kistka, wax, and a pencil. Feel free to bring any other tools or materials that aid your pysanky creation process. No candles allowed in this venue.

Immerse yourself in the captivating tradition of pysanky and let the poppy - Ukraine's beloved flower - inspire your artistic expression.

Maximum: 20 students 

Cost: $30CAD

About Linda:

Linda Lishchuk Hupert is a seasoned pysankarka, with over 50 years of experience in the traditional Ukrainian art of Pysanky.

She has dedicated over three decades of her life to teaching at The Ukrainian Museum in Cleveland and has given numerous demonstrations at esteemed institutions such as the Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Beck Center. Linda's exquisite eggs have been showcased and sold at Hixson’s in Lakewood for an impressive 39 years during their Annual Easter Egg Show.

In addition to her local contributions, Linda has traveled extensively along the East Coast, participating in various festivals and displaying her beautiful creations. She was even invited as a guest artist at Walt Disney World Epcot Center for eight consecutive years. Over the past eight years, Linda has extended her teaching prowess to Pysanky retreats in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and even Toronto, Canada. Today, she is one of the two proud hosts of Pysanky on the River POTR in Berea, Ohio.

Her journey in the world of Pysanky is a testament to her passion and dedication to this unique craft.

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