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04. Secrets to Successful Lemko Pysanky - Basia Andrusko - Thursday July 18th - 1:00pm-3:00pm

In this engaging, hands-on workshop, students will delve into the art of "Lemko" or "Drop Pull" Pysanky - a traditional form of egg decoration.

In this two-hour hands-on workshop, students will learn:

  • what are “Lemko” or “Drop Pull” Pysanky
  • charactereistics of several varieties – we will focus on the Lemko Pysanka (wax off )
  • design ideas & colour ideas to make this style pysanka balanced and pleasing. We will also discuss how to integrate drop pull elements with kistka work to create unique designs.
  • tools and supplies that I use
  • While we will use wax melters at the retreat, we will also discuss using a candle or alcohol lamp for the drop pull technique, as it can be a large factor in controlling the size and shape of your drop pull strokes.
  • factors that affect line shape, size and uniformity of the dots and commas
  • you will have a chance to practice this technique in class

    What is included: 

    • drop pull tools. I will provide all tools needed for the retreat, If you have tools, you can bring them, to compare how different tools affect the strokes.
    • one practice egg
    • Notes will be provided as a handout.

    What to bring: 

    • beeswax pot melter - 
    • wax pot melters will be available for purchase at the retreat thru UE, or can be purchased ahead of time.
    • any drop pull tools you may have.
    • Bring an extra egg or two.

      Cost: $30CAD per person

      Maximum: 20 students

      About Basia:

      I am a retired pharmacist by profession, but my soul is fed by writing Pysanky. This is a tradition learned growing up in a Ukrainian Lemko family, where Pysanky were written each year at Eastertime. Once my two wonderful sons were grown and on their own, pysankarstvo blossomed to a year-round passion for me. Learning how to make Pysanka Jewelry several years ago has taken me to another level. I live in Yardley PA, USA, with my husband Emil and 2 cats Zena (my furry supervisor) and Zoe.

      We love to travel, and enjoy friends, food and wine. I am very excited to be a part of this Pysanka retreat.

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