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16. Sorbian Easter Egg Artistry: Serbske Jutrowne Jejka - Mark Humphreys - Friday July 19th - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

The Sorbs (aka, Wends) are a Slavic minority in eastern Germany, now mainly the region surrounding Dresden. While still clinging on to their language and various customs, they are known throughout Germany for their unique style of egg decorating that has long been overshadowed by the egg traditions of their more numerous Slavic cousins.

Workshop Overview:

  1. Introduction to the Sorbs and their traditions: We'll start with an overview of the Sorbs, their history, language, and customs, focusing on their unique style of egg decorating.
  2. Sorbian Egg Decorating Techniques: Unlike other Slavic traditions, Sorbian eggs primarily use the drop-pull method of applying wax with tools like straight pins. You'll also learn how they use specially shaped goose feathers to create intricate designs.
  3. Lecture on Sorbian Egg Traditions: We'll delve into the development of Sorbian egg traditions over time, exploring the symbolism embedded in their designs and the process of creating these beautiful works of art. This lecture will be accompanied by visual aids for a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Hands-on Workshop: After the lecture, you'll get a chance to try your hand at creating your own Sorbian-style eggs. Feel free to experiment with the goose feathers and other tools to craft designs in the Sorbian tradition.

What to Bring: 

  • drop pull tools
  • 3-6 empty clean eggshells
  • an electric wax pot
  • beeswax

Cost: $30CAD

Join us in this unique opportunity to learn about and create your own Sorbian Easter Eggs, a lesser-known but equally fascinating tradition in the world of egg decorating.

About Mark:

I first learned this tradition when I was much younger and traveled to Eastern Germany in the 1990's after having spent numerous weeks with egg writers in Bucovina, Romania. I spent several weeks with a Sorbian family in Berlin and traveled to Cottbus and villages near Dresden to have some lessons from some established artists. I think I am actually the only non-Sorb, or one of the very few to have been among  top prize winners in the well-known Sorbian Egg Contest of Bautzen, "Wettbewerb um das schoenste sorbische Osterei."  

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