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19. Primary colour dyes with a twist - Mark E Malachowski - Saturday July 20th - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

In this class/workshop, we will work to create a complete and harmoniously dyed pysanka or batik egg using only the primary color dyes.

Participants in this class/workshop will:

  • Students will have a drawn out and waxed design on their own goose egg. This part can be a homework assignment or completed at the retreat prior to class. But, participants should have ready and bring to class a completed waxed egg – ready to be dyed. 
  • In class choose just one of the primary color dyes and use this color dye to dye their entire egg so the egg is a solid color.
  • Use a paint brush to apply on the egg the other two primary colors creating secondary color mixtures and incorporating the blending techniques and color effects covered in my classroom demonstrations.

I will demonstrate and share:

  • Review/practice how to blend one primary color dye into another to create a secondary color mixture.
  • How to blend or create a gradient of colors – a transition from one color to another.
  • Practice how to use vinegar to blend and fade one color dye on the egg 
  • introduce how to lighten one dyed area with vinegar creating a transition of color from dark to light.

Cost: $30 CAD per student. 

Maximum: 25 participants

About Mark:

I am an artist and consider myself a painter but, like to explore and experiment with other mediums. I have been designing my batik eggs since 2002 and been hosting weekend Batik Egg Workshops in Cleveland for many years. Recently I’ve taken my workshops on the road with a couple “Pop Up Batik Egg Workshops”. In October 2022, I hosted along with Linda Hupert the second annual “Pysanky On The River” batik egg event in Cleveland, Ohio and will be hosting POTR again in October 2024 with Linda Hupert. 


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