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20. Faux Sgraffito & Tie Dye: A Dive into Non-Traditional Pysanky Techniques - Michael Kealy - Saturday July 20th - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Do you remember those Crayon drawings we did as children? We scribbled various coloured Crayons on a piece of paper, covered it with black Crayon, then used a sharp object to draw flowers and trees in the rainbow of colours underneath. Faux Sgraffito is the pysanky version, but instead of Crayons, we’ll use our dyes, and in place of a sharp object, we’ll use the kistka.

The Class

  • I will teach two versions of this non-traditional style that I’m calling Faux Sgraffito and Tie Dye eggs. Each provides different, but beautiful results.
  • There’s no measuring, no designs to follow, let your imagination run wild.


  • I will provide a selection of eggs that are already sponged with a rainbow of dye colours so you can begin working on your Faux Sgraffito designs.

  • I will provide some eggs dyed a single colour so you can try the Tie Die Method too.

  • I will also provide some blank eggs, brushes and sponges so you can try it on a blank egg.

  • A kistka - a medium or heavy nib kistka is probably best to get the hang of this technique.

Maximum 26 students


Open to all skill levels 


About Michael:



I bought my first pysanky book in 1991 and taught myself to write. After a year or so, I took a two-decade-long break then rediscovered pysanky during the pandemic. I write eggs year round. I taught my first class called “Pysanky Hacks and Game Changers” at Pysanky Toronto 2023, it highlighted tools and supplies I have collected and used over the years.