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Scratch Tool - for Driapanky or Scratch eggs.

Do you enjoy the elegant look of hand scratched eggs? These are called Dryapanky in Ukrainian or Drapanki in Polish. 

Ever wished you could create an egg using the scratch technique? Now you can! This is the same tool that many artists use to make their scratched eggs. This listing is for one tool only.

Dryapanky – from dryapaty (дряпати), "to scratch"– are created by scratching the surface of a dyed egg to reveal the white eggshell below. Long ago the technique started with naturally dyed eggshells and now, are often dyed with Pysanka Eggshell dyes.


It does not include the egg but does come with instructions on how to use the scratch tool. Made by JustEggsquisite.

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